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Embryo transfer

The procedure of placing one or two embryos back in the womb is, in our humble opinion, one of the keys to success. According to our philosophy, embryo transfer is painless, relaxed and has a hint of solemnity - after all, it's about giving a human touch to the rather technical process of IVF. In order to experience this moment of magic together, the husband/partner should be present whenever possible.



With a half full urinary bladder, the uterus (womb) can be visualised during embryo transfer by placing an ultrasound probe on the lower abdomen of the woman. The bladder pushes the uterus to the rear, thus diminishing the curvature of the uterus, which lets the soft embryo catheter (white line in the picture above) pass more easily. As soon as the catheter is in correct location, the embryo(s) are pushed gently into the womb. Often, we can see a small air bubble at the very top of the womb. The whole process requires relaxation on the part of the woman and some expertise on the part of the physician.


After embryo transfer, the woman should not rest (see our page «Stand up after embryo transfer» in our «News» section). We send the couple on a walk at the nearby Lake Zurich shore, which can be combined with acupuncture treatment in the office of Dr Suwanda. After this, we recommend leading a normal life, skipping only extreme sporting efforts. Many couples consider the time between embryo transfer and pregnancy test the worst part of the entire treatment, so distraction on the job is welcome.